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Hagg Lake is one of western Oregon’s largest lakes and is a premier warm water fishing destination. The lake is home to both the state record smallmouth bass and bullhead catfish. You can also find rainbow trout, yellow perch, largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill.

Bass fishing should pick up as temperatures begin to warm this spring and pre-spawn fishing comes into full swing. Targeting the creek arms and shallow coves during this time can be very productive using lures that mimic small baitfish (crankbaits, plugs, swimbaits) that can be cast or trolled to effectively cover shallow to mid-water habitat. 

Be sure to check out our Tackle Box Talks videos for fishing insights with local fishing expert, Mark Davis.

For additional resources on how to fish, restocking schedules and workshops, visit Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.


Hagg Lake features two boating ramps - Eagle Point and C-Ramp.

To learn more about boating, including rules, waterway access permits (for watercraft over 10ft, need to be purchased online) and much more, visit the Oregon State Marine Board website.

New to launching? Or simply want to learn more about sharing waterways? Check out the "Art of Boat Launching" (this includes paddle craft too!).