Metzger Park Local Improvement District

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What is the Metzger Park Local Improvement District (also known as MPLID)?

It's a special improvement district that supports Metzger Park! Since 1975, properties in the MPLID are assessed an annual fee to help pay for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of Metzger Park. The maximum assessment approved by the Washington County Board of Commissioners for 2023/2024 is $158,995 and affects about 3000 property owners. This long-standing stewardship is why the Metzger community cherishes the park so much! 

MPLID funding goes directly to the Park. It pays for things like tools and equipment, grass seed and play structure upkeep, as well as mowing, tree care and operating the rental hall. 

2024 Assessment Increase

2023 Annual Update

2022 Annual Update

Do I live within the district? Below is a handy map of the district boundary, or you can check your property tax bill to confirm. 

MPLID Boundary Map